Love Song for Jeff Sessions, by Julien Poirier  

Sam Hamill Reads 2 Poems

Revolutionary Letters 30-35, by Diane di Prima (with video of DiPrima reading #29 & #19)

Diane DiPrima - REVOLUTIONARY LETTERs 30-35  

A setting of Frank O’Hara’s “A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island,” the final movement of the song cycle “Algebra of Night” by Eugene O’Brien. A setting of Frank O'Hara's "A True…

Dispatches Editor, Steve Manuel, interviewed by Jeff Davis  

A setting of Frank O'Hara's "A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island," by Eugene O'Brien. (With original score and program notes)

Garry Thomas Morse reading in Toronto, 11 March 2018   Garry Thomas Morse reading in Toronto, 11 March 2018 from Michael Boughn on Vimeo.

Diane di Prima reading at Navato, California, 2 June 1976  

Langston Hughes Speaking at UCLA 16 February 1967  

Extensions of Poetry, by Larry Goodell

Extensions of Poetry 20Jan2018 larry goodell (1)   Also check out Larry's archive at Granary Books

Jonathan Williams (a Time Capsule Video)  

selected poems from Skald Song (Buffalo, 1985), by Jack Clarke and Charlie Keil

  The full recording of Skald Song (as well as recordings of many more poets) is available at Bruce Holsapple's  VOX AUDIO PO Box 594 Magdalena…

Eats Darkness, by andrew whiteman and Ryan Noth (sonic poetry)

Back in 2010, Sonic Poetry produced this set of segues called Eats Darkness for the artrock group Apostle of Hustle. Typical of the times, the…

"W.S. Merwin, Great American Translator of World Poetry." For more on this, see the letter on Ange Mlinko and W.S. Merwin from Emily Post-Avant

Robert Duncan and John Wieners reading

"I make poetry as other men make war or make love or make states or revolutions . . ."  – Robert Duncan

from Rich and Poor: the Single, by Jacob Wren and Andrew Whiteman

Given both the plethora of audio available to the browser & the now easy process of sculpting any potential sound out of any other potential…

Tribute to Ed Dorn, by andrew whiteman and Sonic Poetry