Where Babylon Ends

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The Heraldic Vision (1967)

This essay is reproduced from The Embattled Lyric — Essays and Conversations in Poetics and Anthropology by Nathaniel Tarn (Stanford University…

The prayer of the great Ajaw/Ajkun shaman Nicolas Chiviliu, tr. Nathaniel Tarn

The great Ajaw-Ajkun shaman Nicolas Chiviliu, tr. NT

A photo gallery

Gallup, NM, 1970s Santiago Atitlan Guatemala, 1979 . Copyright © Janet Rodney.…

Translation/Antitranslation/Culture/Multiculture — Some contradictions?

This essay first appeared in Talking Poetics from the Naropa Institute. Ed. Anne Waldman and Marilyn Webb (Shambhala,1978).   Tarn - Translation…

Is there, currently, an American poetry?

This essay was in response to the question, "Is there, currently, an American poetry," presented to a symposium in American Poetry 4.2 (Winter……

Child as Father to the Man in the American Uni-Verse

This essay first appeared in American Poetry 1.2 (1984)   Tarn - Child as Father to the Man (1984) red

from The Archaeology of Newfoundland


The Messianism of Hope: Nathaniel Tarn’s Late Poetry

Peter O'Leary - Messianisn of hope

Coming in on a Wing and a Lyre: Nathaniel Tarn’s Avia

Elizabeth Gray -- Paper-Dispatches-vF3a