4 Poems from Un

Heller Levinson - 4 poems from Un

On First Looking into Amanda Berenguer’s La cuidadora del fuego

Peter Boyle -- On first looking into Amanda Berenguer

The prayer of the great Ajaw/Ajkun shaman Nicolas Chiviliu, tr. Nathaniel Tarn

The great Ajaw-Ajkun shaman Nicolas Chiviliu, tr. NT

abhorrences 3-23-19

Ammiel Alcalay - abhorrence 3-23-29

César Vallejo — Black Stone above a White Stone, Boyd Nielson, tr.

Boyd Nielson, tr - Black Stone above a White Stone

8 Poems from Document Shredding Museum by Afrizal Malna, Daniel Owen, tr.

Since the early 1980's, Afrizal Malna has been an active and well-respected poet, theater-maker, performance artist, and critic, writing in…

from The Archaeology of Newfoundland


White Stone on a Black Stone — tr. Peter Boyle

Dear Kent, I just thought I should send you (just for comparison's sake) a copy of the book of my Vallejo translations. They were done at the request…

2 Poems

William Heyen - 2 poems

Effects in Athens Gyzi Square 1995

Effects in Athens, Gyzi Square, 1995 A bit of a struggle on temporality; that is, high quality waste is needed to confirm this unwanted match,…

I am a murderess

Jennifer Bartlett -I am a murdress

Weather as Far

  Tyrone Williams - Weather As Far

Dark Stone upon a Light Stone — a Vallejo translation by Erin Mouré

Kent, your translation made me do one too, just for the fun of it, just to exist in that poem, as one exists fullly, in the poem of another, while…

Imago Mundi: A Special Feature on José Kozer

(with a new poem, special to Dispatches, translated and introduced by Peter Boyle, and with an interview conducted by Paul Nelson) Jose Kozer --…

Before & After

MTC Cronin - Before & After

This Morning

Boyd Nielson - THIS MORNING

An Unlikely Christmas Poem After Niedecker

Mark DuCharme_An Unlikely Christmas Poem

8 Poems

Daniel Zimmerman - 8 Poems

The Lovers


6 Poems

Kalet - 6 poems

Smile Series

Corey Wakeling - Smile Series