6 Poems

George Kalamaras - 6 Poems

from Plan B Audio

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa- from PLAN B AUDIO

No Bottom to Tempest


Heh Heh Heh Ketchup

Bruce Holsapple - Heh Heh Heh Ketchup (1)

3 Poems

Heath Brougher - 3 poems

3 Poems from Never Mind the Saucers

Clay Thistleton - 3 poems from Never Mind the Saucers

neo-bedrooms, or recuperative theater

Deborah Meadows - neo-bedrooms, or recuperative theater

3 Poems

Casimir Wojciech--3 poems

On the Personal in Art

Geoffrey Nilson - On the personal in art V2

A Question of Brightness

Sam Sampson - A Question Of Brightness

Seven poems from Expendables by Emma Villazón — tr. Thomas Rothe

Emma Villazón--Seven poems from Expendables

Revolutionary Letters #36 – #43

diprima rev letters 36-43001

4 Poems from Un

Heller Levinson - 4 poems from Un

On First Looking into Amanda Berenguer’s La cuidadora del fuego

Peter Boyle -- On first looking into Amanda Berenguer

The prayer of the great Ajaw/Ajkun shaman Nicolas Chiviliu, tr. Nathaniel Tarn

The great Ajaw-Ajkun shaman Nicolas Chiviliu, tr. NT

abhorrences 3-23-19

Ammiel Alcalay - abhorrence 3-23-29

César Vallejo — Black Stone above a White Stone, Boyd Nielson, tr.

Boyd Nielson, tr - Black Stone above a White Stone

8 Poems from Document Shredding Museum by Afrizal Malna, Daniel Owen, tr.

Since the early 1980's, Afrizal Malna has been an active and well-respected poet, theater-maker, performance artist, and critic, writing in…

from The Archaeology of Newfoundland


White Stone on a Black Stone — tr. Peter Boyle

Dear Kent, I just thought I should send you (just for comparison's sake) a copy of the book of my Vallejo translations. They were done at the request…

2 Poems

William Heyen - 2 poems

Effects in Athens Gyzi Square 1995

Effects in Athens, Gyzi Square, 1995 A bit of a struggle on temporality; that is, high quality waste is needed to confirm this unwanted match,…