Such Signs for Primitive Man & Woman, by Robert Gibbons

Gibbons rev- Such Signs for Primitive Man

from The Contractor’s Song, by Tom Pickard

Twts_Untitled-1 from Michael Boughn on Vimeo.

life had stood, by Amy Evans

Amy Evans rev- life had stood

Storyboard 1, 4, 6, & 11, by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

Storyboard11 To produce words   Storyboard1 This is not a plot   Storyboard4 Dear X   Storyboard6 I want to use

80 Theses in the Direction of a Milestone Birthday Anniversary, by Jon Curley

Jon Curley - 80 Theses in the Direction of a Milestone BirthdayAnniversary rev

2 Poems, by Michael Bylebyl

Michael Bylebyl – 2 poems rev2

from Intaglio Daughters, by Laynie Browne

Laynie Browne - Intaglio Daughters

TUB BUNNY, by Michael Basinski

Basinski - TUB BUNNY (1)

Toddler Quatrains Second & Third Batch, by Omar Al-Nakib

Omar Al-Nikab - Toddler Quatrains Second & Third Batch

Victor Jara’s last poem, Forrest Gander, tr.

Forrest Gander--Jara, Victor, Last Poem, 5-27-17

Victor Jara’s last poem, Forrest Gander, tr.

In Santiago, Chile, on September 11, 1973, the poet-songwriter Victor Jara was making his way to his university, already surrounded by soldiers…

Materialism Can Kiss My Ass: (a long poem dictated to the editors of Dispatches by the spirit of Robert Duncan, transcribed on May 22, 2017, between 1:31 and 11:59 PM, CST.)

"The measure all used his time congealed labour in which abstractions things keep no resemblance goods created integrated all hues hi their natural…

Toddler Quatrains, by Omar Al-Nakib

Omar Al-Nakib - Toddler Quatrains rev

Two poems and a drawing

Smith Austin two poems +

Only the Road, Eight Decades of Cuban Poetry, edited and translated by Margaret Randall

ONLY THE ROAD / SOLO EL CAMINO: Eight Decades of Cuban Poetry Duke University Press – October 2016 release   Selection, translations,…

Athens & Jerusalem: the last time we talked, by Ammiel Alcalay

 Athens & Jerusalem: the last time we talked for Ben Hollander   the day you died after talking to Steve & Jack & Duncan &…

Silicone Valley of the Shadow of Death


When poetry could get you killed

Austin Smith Lorca poem

Found poem

From an AP News report, July 21, 2016 --Words from hospital bed, by 47-year-old African-American Charles Kinsey, a therapist who cares for people…

SQUAT, by Sarah Menefee

Menefee SQUAT manuscript