5 poems, by Gaia Thomas

Gaia Thomas - packet of 5

Birhan Keskin – from Y’ol (at the bifurcation they part/ Y), Murat Nemet-Nejat, tr.

Birhan Keskin's Y'ol-trans. by Murat Nemet-Nejat-sent to Dispatches

10 Poems, by MTC Cronin

MTC Cronin 10 poems

3 Prose Poems, by Rupert Loydell


5 Poems, by Philip Fried

Philip Fried -5 poems for dispatches

from digigrams, by Barbara Henning

Barbara Henning - from DIGIGRAMS

from America Today, by Christopher Wood

Christopher Wood - America Today

6 Poems, by Daniel Zimmerman

Zimmerman - 6 Poems

Rhythm, by Clive Gresswell

Clive Gresswell - Rhythm

Welcome to the Brooklyn Criminal Court, by Chris Butters


Exergues LXIII & LXIV from The Tryst of Thetica Zorg, by Daniel Y. Harris

Daniel Y. Harris, Exergues LXIII & LXIV from The Tryst of Thetica Zorg

5 Poems, by L’Abri Tipton

L'abri TIPTON 5 poems

I Still Have Some People I Want to Change, by Joshua Weiner

Read Joshua Weiner's virtual chapbook, Everything I Do I Do Good: TrumPoems   Weiner - I Still Have Some People I Want to Change 3

In the pith of hover, by Mary Newell

Mary Newall - In the pith of hover

4 Poems, by Maureen Owen

4 Poems by Maureen Owen

4 Poems, by Yannis Livadas (Greece)

Moulay Abdelaziz Square Native language the stupefaction towards afterlife. An antique in the most ridiculous auction claimed in turn by time and…

El Papel del Trabajo, by Breyner Huertas (Colombia)

[Note to Dispatches readers: The poem, composed of a series of transformations from the title of an essay by F. Engels, can be easily translated with…

Scorch Marks, by Jon Curley

Jon Curly - Scorch Marks 2

City / Unsheltered, by m.g. stephens

mg stephens -UNSHELTERED

2 Poems, by Clive Greswell

Greswell = 2 poems