Midway — for KJ

  John Yau -- Midway (For KJ)

from Diminishing

Allison Nicole - diminishing Chapter 5

13 from Luminous Scraps — A Book of Collage

Welcome How the Eye Sess Principles of Operation…

5 Poems

Anthony Seidman - 5 Poems

The Drunken Spaceship 1 (Ship of State, cont’d)


2 Poems

Burbank -- 2 pieces

Dedicated to Sean Bonney

  Clive Gresswell - dedicated to sean bonney  

We Will We Will Bomb You

Joe Napora -- We Will We Will Bomb You 2

“Pantoum of Endless War”

Elliott Colla -- Pantoum of the Endless War

2 Poems

Runa Bandyopadhyay -- 2 poems

A Note to Ellis

Brian Richards - A Note to Ellis

Brecht: Odi et Amo, 1929—a version

WEINER-Brecht-Odi et Amo (2)

A Carlos Martínez Rivas Suite, Anthony Seidman tr.


8 Poems

Thomas Crowe -- 8 Poems

4 Poems

Andrew Levy -- 4 poems


W. Mark Sutherland - eye+ear

Pascal, Book 4

Norman Finkelstein - Pascal Book 4

To those who may come after

Dispatches brecht translation to those coming after1 (3)

Excerpts from President Predator: Poems for the Trump Years 

Eliot Katz -- President Predator (excerpts)

Dowsing Axis

[To view the virtual book, click on the thumbnail below.]     [PDFs are best viewed when downloaded. To download the book, click on the…


Chris Barron - PLURALISM

2 Poems

Colin James -- 2 poems

I don’t really care, do U?

James Cook -- I don't really care

6 Poems

Billy Cancel -- 6 poems

Vicente Huidobro’s Creation of Cosmic Debt

George Kalamaras - Vicente Huidobro’s Creation of Cosmic Debt See Vicente Huidobro's "Comaruru," Tony Frazer tr.