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Chris Barron - PLURALISM

2 Poems

Colin James -- 2 poems

I don’t really care, do U?

James Cook -- I don't really care

6 Poems

Billy Cancel -- 6 poems

Vicente Huidobro’s Creation of Cosmic Debt

George Kalamaras - Vicente Huidobro’s Creation of Cosmic Debt See Vicente Huidobro's "Comaruru," Tony Frazer tr.

7 prose pieces


The Gunpowder Plot, by The Leonel Rugama Dream Poetry Brigade

  Leonel Rugama Dream Poetry Brigade -- The gunpowder plot

Comaruru by Vicente Huidobro, Tony Frazer tr.

Huidobro -- Comaruru Comaruru (2)

3 Objects from Soft Zipper

  George Bowering - 3 Objects from Soft Zipper

A painting in the Prado (Becoming inside Velazquez)

Peter Boyle - Painting in the Prado November version Read Peter Boyle's latest book, Enfolded in the Wings of a Great Darkness

4 Poems

Aidan Healy - 4 poems

5 Poems

  Chapson -- 5 Poems

The Bullet: A Poem from Rojava, by Xoşman Qado [link]

“The same bullet that they use to kill us, they make into a necklace and sell at the market. The bullet is not blind; the wind makes it blind. Only…

8 Poems

John Phillips -- 8 Poems

The Creation of Beauty

John Phillips-The Creation of BeautyThe Creation of Beauty

13 Poems by George Kalamaras

George Kalanaras - 13 poems

2 Poems

  C. Borkhuis -- 2 Poems


Paul Vogel -- Collegetown

5 Poems

Norman Fischer - 5 Poems

Two Poems under the Sign of Benjamin Peret

  James Cook - Two Poems under the Sign of Peret

4 Poems

4 Poems 4 Poems

Mitch’s Big Ass Party And Other Moscow Mitch Favorites

Every day I got the Monday Blues Every day Mitch is in the news It’s all about the money and he’s got plenty It’s all about money and I aint got……

White Pine, a Short Sonnet Sequence, or Hitchhiking on the Road to Xanadu

The warrant of the pilgrimage lies in The heart of chaos’s incongruous jumble A thick farrago, a veritable din Out of which miraculously tumble…