says who, by Daniel Zimmerman

says who   Muses—ruses? Truth is oracles’ domain. & always belated.   inspiration, too, ass-backwards, mumbles its words  …

Beelzebub’s Email to a Grandchild Poet, by Sophie Merman

Beelzebub’s Email to a Grandchild Poet   New month, new courage: submit yourself to fellowships, magazines, awards and internships.  …

The Discs of Snow, by Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson- I like the way the flowers grow (1)

Because of Poetry, by Kent Johnson

Download PDF version dispatches Because of poetry1 (1)

Trump Triptych, by Robert Gibbons

Robert Gibbons - Trump Triptych

tec knowledge, by Roberto Harrison

Harrison - tec knowledge opt

8 Poems, by Joel Newberger

Joel Newberger 8 poems

3 Poems, by Shira Dentz

Shira Dentz - 3 poems

2 Poems, by Lila Dunlap

Lila Dunlop - 2 Poems

5 Poems, by Maria Stradnicka

Maria Stadnicka - 5 poems

Crowds of Address, by Mark DuCharme

MDuCharme_Crowds of Address_4Dispatches

2 Poems, by Rodolfo Hinostroza – Anthony Seidman, tr.

Some Thoughts On Rodolfo Hinostroza   Rodolfo Hinostroza (Peru, 1941-2016) is one of Latin America’s most celebrated poets from the 20th…

for Ben, by Patrick James Dunagan

Patrick Dunagan -- for Ben

2 Poems, by John Bradley

John Bradley - 2 poems

from Postdata, by Jonathan Mulcahy

Jonathan Mulcahy -- from Postdata

7 Poems, by Kelly Shepherd

Kelly Shepherd 7 poems (1)

8 Poems, by Anthony Seidman

Seidman_ 8 poems

5 Poems, by Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson - 5 Poems

3 poems, by David Toms

Toms -- 3 poems

3 Poems, by Heller Levinson

Heller Levinson - 3 poems

I Still Have Some People I Want to Change, by Joshua Weiner

Weiner - I Still Have Some People I Want to Change 3

from Invisible Marches, by Tamas Panitz

Tamas Panitz from Invisible Marches for DISP wrd

2 poems, by Lydia Cortes

Cortes - A poet must confront herself