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The Dark Grammarian

John Wieners - The Dark Grammarian

for Gerrit

Charles Stein - gerrit for dispatches

The Gerrit Gap

George Quasha -- Gerrit Gap

Mercurial in Nature An Interview with Gerrit Lansing, by Robert Podgurski

Podgurski - Interview May 26 transcription 1 cor

The Figure In

Robert Posgurski -The Figure In


  Eileen Myles -- Gift

Gerrit plays Scriabin

Robert Kelly - Gerrit plays Scriabin

For Gerrit at 75

Pierre Joris - for Gerrit at 75

For Gerrit – Apokua’s address

John Giglio - Apokua addrss (1)

A photo gallery

Gerrit at the Maud/Olson Library with Jim Dunn…

Everyday Gerrit

Everyday Gerrit

3 poems for Gerrit

Jim Dunn - Three poems for Gerrit

A photo gallery


2 poems for Gerrit

Timotha Doane - 2 Poems for Gerrit

To Gerrit: a postcard (from Soluble Translations)

DOROTA CZERNER_GERRIT red opt-compressed   The day we first met GL. The date: the morning after the US release of "Spider-Man" which makes it…

Letter to Maximus 4

Amanda Cook - Letter to Maximus 4(1) (1)

ALS from Gerrit Lansing to Whit Griffin, including a typed poem

Gerrit Lansing Letter and Poem to Whit Griffith

Thinking about Gerrit

Mitch Highfill - Thinking About GerritThinking about Gerit

from A Book of Measure, Vol. 2

Michae;l Franco - Gerrit DISPATCHES (1)

The Dark Grammarian

John Wieners - The Dark Grammarian