Magazine of Further Studies #5

See the Introduction to the Magazine of Further Studies for a discussion of the magazine's significance.   MFS 5

2 photos from the Radical Poetries/Critical Address Conference, Buffalo, 1989

In 1989, the English Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo (now the University at Buffalo), hosted a conference called Radical…

To a Young Poet (1978), by Anne Waldman

Waldman Young Poet003

intent. 1.1

From the spring of 1989 until he was physically no longer able to work in 1991, John Clarke edited 10 issues of intent. newsletter of talk, thinking,…

Revolutionary Letters 18-20, by Diane DiPrima

DiPrima - Rev Letters 18-20our plains

Frontier Press Catalog, Spring 1969

See Ron Caplan's letter regarding this catalog FP Catalog001

Mythology Bibliographies 2 & 3 from John Clarke’s Myth course, 1965 – from the Archives of the Institute of Further Studies

[In 1965, Charles Olson, still struggling to come to terms with the death of Betty Kaiser, his wife, the previous year, left his teaching position at…

Revolutionary Letters 12-17, by Diane di Prima

DiPrima - Revolutionary Letters 12-17

Magazine of Further Studies #4

Before Charles Olson left Buffalo in the fall of 1965, he had proposed founding an Institute along the lines of the Princeton Institute of Advanced…

Charles Olson to his nephew on Billy Budd

O letter 1   Dear Michael: I shld think you might have trouble: after all, the guy who wrote the book was 69 when he started it, had already…

L’Affaire Pataphysique, Toronto, 1985

In May of 1985 a group of Toronto writers put on a day-long ‘writers-in-performance’ event called L’Affaire Pataphysique at a Queen Street West art…

Revolutionary Letter #8, by Diane di Prima


Revolutionary Letter #7, by Diane di Prima


Revolutionary Letters 9 – 11, by Diane di Prima


Revolutionary Letter #4, by Diane di Prima

DiPrima - Revolutionary Letter 4

Revolutionary Letters 1-3, by Diane DiPrima

DiPrima - Revolutionary Letters 1-3

A Modern Dunciad, by Richard Nason, introduced by Joe Safdie

A Modern Dunciad Books 2 & 3 A Modern Dunciad Book 4 & Epilogue See also “Permanent Revolution: The Value of Bitterness,” Joe Safdie on Nason…

Thomas McGrath

     [2016 is the 100-year anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary poet Thomas McGrath.]

A Modern Dunciad, Book 4 & Epilogue, by Richard Nason

A Modern Dunciad Book 1, introduced by Joe Safdie A Modern Dunciad Books 2&3 See also "Permanent Revolution: The Value of Bitterness," Joe Safdie…

Charles Olson’s reading for the Creeleys (early 1960s), from Larry Goodell

Check out Larry's site at: Charles Olson's Reading for the Creeleys by…

Ted Byrne interviews Ralph Maud, 18 August 2012

I recently found an interview that I did with Ralph in 2012. I’d actually forgotten about it. We were sitting at his kitchen table chatting and…

Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art

The Manifesto for a Free and Revolutionary Art was written in summer of 1938, in Coyoacán, Mexico, where the Surrealist poet André Breton was holding…