Michael McClure interviewed by Paul Nelson (1995)

[Check out Paul's interviews with Eileen Myles, Brenda Hillman and many other writers at  www.AmericanProphets.org] PDFs are best viewed when…

Sonnet Workshop, by Ted Berrigan

ted-berrigan sonnet workshop

An Essay at War, by Robert Duncan

[Best viewed when downloaded]   RD An Essay At War rot

Kindred: The Origins of the Black Avant-Garde, by Lorenzo Thomas (link)

"Two examples of successful avant-garde movements are Abstract Expressionist painting and the politicized aesthetic popularized by Harlem Renaissance…

4 Letters from John Wieners to Larry Eigner

These letters were cut from the final manuscript of John Wieners' selected correspondence, For the Voices, but they remain, Editor Seth Stewart says,…

L’Affaire Pataphysique, Toronto 1985 (part 2)

In May of 1985 a group of Toronto writers put on a day-long ‘writers-in-performance’ event called L’Affaire Pataphysique at a Queen Street West art…

Robin Blaser to Amiri Baraka, 21 December 2002 with commentary by Ammiel Alcalay

copy to Don Allen 21 December, 2002 Dear Amiri Baraka, Just to say that the ongoing political despair of many of us – certainly my own – now meets…

Magazine of Further Studies #5

See the Introduction to the Magazine of Further Studies for a discussion of the magazine's significance.   MFS 5

2 photos from the Radical Poetries/Critical Address Conference, Buffalo, 1989

In 1989, the English Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo (now the University at Buffalo), hosted a conference called Radical…

To a Young Poet (1978), by Anne Waldman

Waldman Young Poet003

intent. 1.1

From the spring of 1989 until he was physically no longer able to work in 1991, John Clarke edited 10 issues of intent. newsletter of talk, thinking,…

Revolutionary Letters 18-20, by Diane DiPrima

DiPrima - Rev Letters 18-20our plains

Frontier Press Catalog, Spring 1969

See Ron Caplan's letter regarding this catalog FP Catalog001

Mythology Bibliographies 2 & 3 from John Clarke’s Myth course, 1965 – from the Archives of the Institute of Further Studies

[In 1965, Charles Olson, still struggling to come to terms with the death of Betty Kaiser, his wife, the previous year, left his teaching position at…

Revolutionary Letters 12-17, by Diane di Prima

DiPrima - Revolutionary Letters 12-17