2 Poems

William Heyen - 2 poems

Microreviews, Vol. 9

  Fourth Person Singular Nuar Alsadir Liverpool University Press ($19.95)   “Every group has its emperor.”  Yes, we here in the U.S. know…

I am a murderess

Jennifer Bartlett -I am a murdress

Weather as Far

  Tyrone Williams - Weather As Far

La Dernière mode (poétique) numéro 1

La Dernière mode (poétique)

The Dialogics of Will Alexander & Heller Levinson, Part 1 (Link)

“When Sartre, and Husserl, and Levinas, invoke human scale as their most significant point of concentration, it rumages, around within a delimited…

Dark Stone upon a Light Stone — a Vallejo translation by Erin Mouré

Kent, your translation made me do one too, just for the fun of it, just to exist in that poem, as one exists fullly, in the poem of another, while…

Emily Post-Avant, 25 February 2019 [on Aesthetic Justice and White Privilege]

  Dear Ms. Emily: I am a grad student at Peoria Tech doing a joint PhD in English and Engineering. Some people find that strange, I know, but I…

Notes from Underground – Ethnopoetics : Somapoetics

David Rose - Notes Ethnopoetics

Forge Poem

Thanks to Henry Ferrini and Ferrini Productions

Fun with der Alt Right: Updated, by Steven Augustine (link)

"It happens not infrequently that I’ll casually pop over to a progressive site,  to read an article and express an opinion,  and suddenly find myself…

Imago Mundi: A Special Feature on José Kozer

(with a new poem, special to Dispatches, translated and introduced by Peter Boyle, and with an interview conducted by Paul Nelson) Jose Kozer --…

Poets Who Sleep — Portraits Drawn and Scribed (A Preview)

PreviewPoetsWhoSleep red-compressed

The Terror of the Poet David Shapiro in conversation with Kent Johnson [link]

"No, I know nobody, I am nobody, I know nothing, and feel closest to the “Que sais-je?” motto . In Jewish law, if one doesn’t know, you are required…

Before & After

MTC Cronin - Before & After

This Morning

Boyd Nielson - THIS MORNING

Contents, Dispatches Winter 2018/19 release

Dispatches — Winter 2018/2019 Release   Poetry James Berger—Threnody for the Death at the Borders Stephen Bett – 3 poems Eliot Cardinaux –……

“Fiddling the Planetary Dials”: Gustaf Sobin and Kabbalistic Influence

Tirzah Goldenberg - Fiddling the Planetary Dials rev



Some photos from the archive of Robert Hogg

John Wieners, John Temple & Robert Hogg at Detroit Artist’s Workshop, Summer 1967. Poets…

8 Pieces

Epitaph Dudit Villon Offender HDBK Language of the State Roughneck for…