Ms. Emily Post-Avant, 1 July 2019 [on the Garrulous Therapists of the Paris Review “Poetry RX” Mental Health Office]

Dear Emily Post-Avant, I’m sure you’ve seen the Paris Review “Poetry RX” column, where various poets take turns playing counselors for people…

David Baptiste Chirot to Dispatches, 27 June 2019 [re: Paul Vogel’s letter of 26 June]

Dear Paul y Poetas Estimados-- Goddman it!!!!--Sorry--but all of a sudden a huge chunk of this letter up and vanished!! And no idea of how to…

Paul Vogel to Dispatches, 26 June 2019 [re: Jim Liddy letter]

Dear Dispatches: I much appreciate  David Baptiste-Chirot's letter to Dispatches, but first want to say that I think Howard McCord meant "[I] miss…

Neruda y Emma, by Andrés Ajens, Tr. Kent Johnson

dispatches Nerudiemma, Kent.docx  

David Baptiste Chirot to Dispatches, 23 June 2019 [on James Liddy]

Dear Dispatches: The remark re James as "Miss Liddy" reminded me of an almost identical one made in the French press regarding a public appearance in…

The Interstices of Poetry Wars

The interstices of poetry wars

POBIZ Stock Index Update, 4 June 2019: Po-markets rattled by first verified death from overproduction of bad, self-involved poetry

Creative Writing stocks fall sharply on news of first verified death from overproduction of bad, self-involved poetry — Po-experts predict a…

A Message to Our Readers and Contributors

Dear Friends, Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is declaring a moratorium, as of this message, on all submissions until further notice. Please do not…

Michael Boughn to the Dispatches Executive Editors, Following His Trip to California

I have to say that apart from Bird and Beckett Books, which felt like a very tiny oasis in the midst of a vast desert (like The_Lost_Patrol), San…


    Portland 2

Emily Post-Avant, on Frank Sherlock’s Skinhead Past and the New Po-Police Zombies, May 1, 2019

  Dear Emily Post-Avant, Me and my friends in the program here at Temple were wondering what your “position” is on Frank Sherlock having been…

Meleager’s Night Out with Cleobulus: A Fictional Essay, plus A Selection of Meleager’s Poems


New Testament Air Drop

I plan to crowd source a big purchase of New Testaments.  Thousands of them - in compact print editions.  They’re to be night-dropped by glider into…

International Interactive Infusion

Runa Bandyopadhyay- International Interactive Infusion-compressed

Pope Goes, a Weasel?

DR James - Pope Goes, a Weasel