The Discs of Snow, by Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson- I like the way the flowers grow (1)

August Poetry Postcard Fest 2018 Official Call (link)

The August Poetry Postcard Fest was initiated in 2007 by poets Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers. 2018 marks the twelfth year of the fest and this is your…

Love Song for Jeff Sessions, by Julien Poirier  

The World Is Not Round #2, by Sancho

Here are Keston and Sara. They are getting ready for next week's Big Conference. The name of the conference is:  'Deviant Doxometries: queering the…

Dancing Resistance (link)

By dancing illegally in the streets, Iranian women are protesting the arrest of Maedeh Hojabri and resisting uptight,  Patriarchal old men’s attempt…

Landline July 1 – July 15, by Linh Dinh (link)

Dispatches Contributing Editor, Linh Dinh, is  featured by artist Robert Chase Heishman in a LED sign installation at 1930 S. Miller St., Chicago.…

Protest Batsheva at Dance Fest Israel 70 (link)

Protest Batsheva at Dance Fest Israel 70      

Whit Griffin to Dispatches, 7 July 2018

Dear Dispatches, A few weeks ago I was having dinner with Lewis and Sophia Warsh in Boulder. Lewis was in town to teach at Naropa. During dinner…

Emily Post-Avant, 4 July 2018

Dear Emily Post-Avant, In a new interview at Jacket2, the poet Marie Buck quotes the ending of one of her favorite poems, “For My Future Children,”…

The World Is Not Round #1, by Sancho

The World Is Not Round a weekly comic for Poets of all ages for the readers of Poetry Wars to collect and treasure. by Sancho This is Kenny G. Kenny…

The Lockout, by Lewis Warsh

Lewis Warsh The Lockout

Because of Poetry, by Kent Johnson

Download PDF version dispatches Because of poetry1 (1)

A Personal Response to a Purloined Audio and the Aura around It, by Murat Nemet-Nejat

I have just read the entirety of the exchanges between Barrett and other poets, particularly Nate, totally absorbed and bemused. Read in one go, a…

The Invisible Reality of the Muses, by Joe Safdie

[Best viewed when downloaded] Safdie complete 2 red    

OBU Manifesto # 50: A, B, & C

OBU Manifesto # 50: A, B, & C A. It happens. It will happen. It’s happened. There will be conflicts and acrimony between people with different…

Sonnet Workshop, by Ted Berrigan

ted-berrigan sonnet workshop

Peripatetic Missives #1, by La Flâneuse.

I always leave Paris w/ a certain pang of sadness, for complicated reasons. I seem to have the Ovidian dynamic of exile ass-backwards… ç’est la vie.…

An Essay at War, by Robert Duncan

[Best viewed when downloaded]   RD An Essay At War rot

Parade Exclusions Proudly, by Richard Kostelanetz

As dozens of literary magazines have published poems of mine for fifty years, they have been reprinted in The Young American Poetry (1968), Once…