A Review of An Open Map: The Correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson

  (Peter Anastas and Vincent Ferrini at Charles Olson’s apartment, 28 Fort Square, Gloucester, January 1970; photograph by Charles Lowe, Gloucester…

Despatj Expurtamentalus Frum Bubbalin’ Dabalern Tewn

By Kolden Karkrashium No, the Irish were slaves. We are the world's most oppressed race of victims in the history of humanity to have ever been…

Poetry as Politics III

Freind -- Poetry as Politics III - 3

White Mischief Redux, by Aldon Nielsen (link)


Dispatches Editor Ammiel Alcalay reviews Edward Sanders’ Investigative Poetry & Broken Glory: The Final Years of Robert F. Kennedy (link)

"The coincidental publication of Broken Glory, with its extraordinary illustrations by veteran cartoonist Rick Veitch, and a new edition of the long…

An Introduction to the Trumpoems

[Adapted from the symposium on Poetry & Populism held at University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany, July 12-14, 2018.] Adapted from the…

Avant-garde Pieties

  Avant-Garde Pieties.1   Avant-Garde Pieties offers a sustained critique of the ideologies that fueled historical avant-garde formations,…

“A Gnosis of Intimacy”: A Review of Lightsail, by Lissa Wolsak

Norman Finkelstein - Wolsak Lightsail Review

The Poetics Of Reincarnation

POR Rewrite24

The Mekas Effect

Quasha_The Mekas Effect_Dispatches

Notes against the Frog


Dodges of Discourse

“Does the ear Solace itself in peevish birds?  Is it peace, Is it a philosopher’s honeymoon, one finds On the dump?”   On the way back from the…

Modern Love Songs, a review of Thomas Meyers

    Modern Love_ Songs review (with new corrections)

Problems and propositions – On where we find the avant-garde

Joel Bettridge - intro to Avant-Garde Pieties.   Avant-Garde Pieties offers a sustained critique of the ideologies that fueled historical…

The Synergy of Straunge Wunder

SynergyOfStraungeWunder_SteveVenright rev

New Testament Air Drop

I plan to crowd source a big purchase of New Testaments.  Thousands of them - in compact print editions.  They’re to be night-dropped by glider into…

A Matter of Principle: On the Edges of Thought

Casey_Ed_ Foreword_Quasha_Poetry in Principle_Dispatches online text

Poetry, Myth, Belief: Thoughts on Reading Peter O’leary’s “Thick & Dazzling Darkness: Religious Poetry in A Secular Age”

ONE: A first common-or-garden view: take Myth as belief not founded on what Science calls "empirical fact." Even if "empirical fact" retreats ad…

Energy Vampyres

I used to have loads of 'em as 'friends' on Fakebooc. I'd be scrollin' down gerrin more and more depressed reading how fab they claimed their…

Dispatches Senior Editor Ammiel Alcalay interviewed at The Poetry Project (link)

The Poetry Project Newsletter # 256, Q&A: Ammiel Alcalay

Max Jacob — master of the prose poem

Be sure to read Peter Boyle's translations of Max Jacob: A Max Jacob sampler from Dernieres Poèms Max Jacob introduction

When Censorship Is Crowdsourced, by Jonathan Kay (link)


Microreviews Vol. 7

Microreviews, Vol. 7   420 Characters Lou Beach Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  ($22.00)   Each prose piece is limited to 420 characters (including…