On the Star Man in My Heart

Remarks from GL Memorial - Dispatches

‘Nor … ever some place else’: Wieners in Boston

Ruth Lepson - 'Nor … ever some place else' - Wieners in Boston

How Set Was Conceived

How Set was conceived

The Neptunian Character


The Dark Grammarian

John Wieners - The Dark Grammarian

for Gerrit

Charles Stein - gerrit for dispatches

The Gerrit Gap

George Quasha -- Gerrit Gap

Mercurial in Nature An Interview with Gerrit Lansing, by Robert Podgurski

Podgurski - Interview May 26 transcription 1 cor

Gerrit plays Scriabin

Robert Kelly - Gerrit plays Scriabin

For Gerrit at 75

Pierre Joris - for Gerrit at 75

Everyday Gerrit

Everyday Gerrit

Thinking about Gerrit

Mitch Highfill - Thinking About GerritThinking about Gerit

from A Book of Measure, Vol. 2

Michae;l Franco - Gerrit DISPATCHES (1)

What Whim Has Wrought: An Interview about Dispatches from the Poetry Wars with Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson conducted by Steven Manuel (link)

What Whim Has Wrought: An Interview about Dispatches from the Poetry Wars with Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson conducted by Steven Manuel

A Review of An Open Map: The Correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson

  (Peter Anastas and Vincent Ferrini at Charles Olson’s apartment, 28 Fort Square, Gloucester, January 1970; photograph by Charles Lowe, Gloucester…

Despatj Expurtamentalus Frum Bubbalin’ Dabalern Tewn

By Kolden Karkrashium No, the Irish were slaves. We are the world's most oppressed race of victims in the history of humanity to have ever been…

Poetry as Politics III

Freind -- Poetry as Politics III - 3

White Mischief Redux, by Aldon Nielsen (link)