Mark Scroggins’ Vast Machine – A Review of Pressure Dressing

Norman Finklestein - Scroggins Pressure Dressing Review

Poetry Wars in Chile: Zurita vs. Parra

  We have received the following article from the major Chilean daily, La Tercera. “‘Se te nota demasiado que Parra te estorba’: Colombina…

On the Poet James Chapson

(Read Jim Chapson's "11 Poems")   It’s a matter of little weight for most, no question, but the tavern-thick, working-class city of Milwaukee,…

Bill & Lou, Part II The Descent of Winter By Tom Sharp (excerpted from The Objectivists) (Link)

‘Louis Zukofsky took Ezra Pound’s suggestion to edit The Descent of Winter by William Carlos Williams for “Exile 4”. Williams began the sequence “on…

Zukofsky and Williams, by Tom Sharp (excerpted from The Objectivists) [link]

The extent of the friendship and mutual influence of Louis Zukofsky and William Carlos Williams is not sufficiently known. Williams’ autobiography…

Two Poems for David Bromige

[Jacket2 incorrectly dates Bromige's reading of "I am a brainwashed Sudanese poet" as "1990," at a "memorial reading for Robert Duncan."…

Microreviews, Vol. 8

  Misrepresented People: Poetic Responses to Trumps America Maria Isabel Alvarez and Dante Di Stefano New York Quarterly Books ($21.95)  …

A look at Charles Olson through the works of Kate Colby, Amanda Cook and Kate Tarlow Morgan (link)

A look at Charles Olson through the works of Kate Colby, Amanda Cook and Kate Tarlow Morgan at the Gloucester Writers Center:…

The Disturbing Case of Whitman at Southold, Long Island

  With the permission of Dan Molinoff, for his mother, the late Long Island historian Katherine Molinoff, we make available here the pamphlet…

On the Star Man in My Heart

Remarks from GL Memorial - Dispatches

‘Nor … ever some place else’: Wieners in Boston

Ruth Lepson - 'Nor … ever some place else' - Wieners in Boston

How Set Was Conceived

How Set was conceived

The Neptunian Character


The Dark Grammarian

John Wieners - The Dark Grammarian

for Gerrit

Charles Stein - gerrit for dispatches

The Gerrit Gap

George Quasha -- Gerrit Gap