A Big Work Presented to All: An Interview with George Bowering and George Stanley (part 1) [link]

"Lyric poetry has been getting a bad name in the past decade or two, at least among the poets and critics I like to hang with. I take part in the…

Garrett Phelps reviews Amanda Berenguer’s Materia Prima [link]

“Most striking about Berenguer’s poetry is its sheer constructedness, which is as flagrant as those exposed brick interiors with a grid of metal…

A Friend to the Infinite — a review of Materia Prima by Amanda Berenguer

  John Bradley -- Materia Prima review Materia Prima at Ugly Duckling Press

Translation/Antitranslation/Culture/Multiculture — Some contradictions?

This essay first appeared in Talking Poetics from the Naropa Institute. Ed. Anne Waldman and Marilyn Webb (Shambhala,1978).   Tarn - Translation…

Is there, currently, an American poetry?

This essay was in response to the question, "Is there, currently, an American poetry," presented to a symposium in American Poetry 4.2 (Winter……

Child as Father to the Man in the American Uni-Verse

This essay first appeared in American Poetry 1.2 (1984)   Tarn - Child as Father to the Man (1984) red

Microreviews, Vol. 10

The New Nudity Hadara Bar-Nadav Saturnalia Books ($16.00) Poem as riddle as object as truthiness: “Who holds a pen and lies.”  A poet? * The Milk…

The Dialogics of Will Alexander & Heller Levinson, Part 2 (link)

"A major reason why I rail against banal first person narrative poetry, which is so rampant these days, is that it is not what is called for.…

The Messianism of Hope: Nathaniel Tarn’s Late Poetry

Peter O'Leary - Messianisn of hope

Coming in on a Wing and a Lyre: Nathaniel Tarn’s Avia

Elizabeth Gray -- Paper-Dispatches-vF3a

Microreviews, Vol. 9

  Fourth Person Singular Nuar Alsadir Liverpool University Press ($19.95)   “Every group has its emperor.”  Yes, we here in the U.S. know…

La Dernière mode (poétique) numéro 1

La Dernière mode (poétique)

The Dialogics of Will Alexander & Heller Levinson, Part 1 (Link)

“When Sartre, and Husserl, and Levinas, invoke human scale as their most significant point of concentration, it rumages, around within a delimited…

The Terror of the Poet David Shapiro in conversation with Kent Johnson [link]

"No, I know nobody, I am nobody, I know nothing, and feel closest to the “Que sais-je?” motto . In Jewish law, if one doesn’t know, you are required…

“Fiddling the Planetary Dials”: Gustaf Sobin and Kabbalistic Influence

Tirzah Goldenberg - Fiddling the Planetary Dials rev

Some Assembly Required – a review of Bil Berkson’s “Memoir in Pieces” [link]

"When talking about Bill Berkson certain assumptions must be addressed.  That he was a quintessential New Yorker who had escaped to California and…

Poetry Saying – On George Quasha

Cheryl Pallant - Poetry Saying - on George Quasha (1)—

Supreme Fiction – Notes on the Long Poem

Henry Gould - supreme fiction notes

Vision Writing

Joe Safdie - Vision WritingVision Writing

Alexander Pope on Speed: a review of Thomas Sayers Ellis, The Corny Toys

Tyrone Williams -- Alexander Pope on Speed

Poetry as Politics III, or, Self-Pity as Heroism

Freind -- Poetry as Politics III - 3 (1)