Introduction to A Question Mark above the Sun: Documents on the Mystery Surrounding a Famous Poem “By” Frank O’Hara

  [This redacted epigraph, a single-line quote by Kenneth Koch from Brad Gooch’s biography of Frank O’Hara, City Poet, is to the following…

Extensions of Poetry, by Larry Goodell

Extensions of Poetry 20Jan2018 larry goodell (1)   Also check out Larry's archive at Granary Books

CADA: Lessons for Poetic Revolts to Come, by Kent Johnson and Robert Neustadt (from the new issue of Lana Turner Journal)

 From the new issue of Lana Turner Journal: CADA final proof red

Microreviews, Vol. 4, by Justice Poeticus

Why God Is a Woman Nin Andrews BOA Editions, $16.00 The Michael Pence Reading Advisory Committee has evaluated this text and recommends the…

A new history of Poetry, Poets and Community in Bolinas, California, 1967 – 1980 (link)

DREAMING AS ONE: Poetry, Poets and Community in Bolinas, California, 1967 - 1980, by Kevin Opstedal (link)  

A Tribute to Edmond Caldwell [link]

A Tribute to Edmond Caldwell (5 July 1961 – 31 July 2017)

The Cult of the Noble – contra Rebecca Watt and Holly McNish, by John Rigney

Rigney -The Cult of the Noble (3)   For further discussions of these issues, see also: Curses and verses: the spoken-word row splitting the…

Healing Poetics, by George Quasha


Footnote on a Footnote: Some Thoughts on Kevin Young’s Bunk, by John Bradley

Footnote on a Footnote Some Thoughts on Kevin Young’s Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News By page 330,…

Descort, by Meredith Quartermain

I walked along my street but it wasn’t mine was it, it was the city fathers named it, marked it on unceded land. I walked along my street but it was…

Introduction to the new edition of Investigative Poetry, by Edward Sanders

Dispatches Editions and Spuyten Duyvil Press will be issuing a new edition of Edward Sanders' Investigative Poetry in 2018. We are pleased to publish…

The End of Language, by Burt Kimmelman

[For the optimal reading experience, please click the download button]   KimmelmanSubmissionToDispatchesEmended(23Jan18)

Dispatch #30 — A Thorn in the I (part 1)

The Truth about ‘Cultural Appropriation’, by Kenan Malik (link)

"What really lies behind the debate about cultural appropriation is not ownership but gatekeeping – the making of rules or an etiquette to determine…


Rome revokes Ovid’s exile. “Grave wrong repaired”. Read about it HERE

Microreviews Vol. 3, by Justice Poeticus

Poet in Spain: Federico Garcia Lorca Translated by Sarah Arvio Knopf, $35.00 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Lorca, and Lorca was the…

"W.S. Merwin, Great American Translator of World Poetry." For more on this, see the letter on Ange Mlinko and W.S. Merwin from Emily Post-Avant