Marjorie Perloff, Avant-Garde Poetics, and The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, by Kent Johnson

[The following essay appeared in Chicago Review, in early 2013. Shortly after its appearance, many other protests against the racialist bias of the…

Prose poetry, by Matt Turner

Prose Poetry Statements -- Turner

Who is There?: Revisiting Michael Brown’s Autopsy Report and Reassessing Conceptual Poetry Two Years after “Interrupt 3”, by Burt Kimmelman

[For the optimal reading experience, please click the download button]   KimmelmanSubmissionToDispatches(26Aug26-2)

Lunatic Drawings (selections), by Bob Arnold

Selected drawings from Bob Arnold's Lunatic Drawings.  To see the whole book and order the art book edition, go to Longhouse Birdhouse   Bob…

Williams, Zukofsky, and the verse line, by Bruce Holsapple

Holsapple -- Williams, Zukofsky, and the Verse Line1

The Barbarians Inside the Gates: Can the Center Hold?, by J. P. Harpignies

J.P. Harpignies -- The Barbarians Inside the Gates

Warlords of Atlantis, by André Spears

spears -- Warlords1spears -- Warlords

A very short history of Olson’s Buffalo, by Fred Wah

Wah A very short history of Buf

Turtle Island , by John Clarke

for Harvey     And so the Great Split began, like an exodus, pretty much one Way, West, and since this way was closed, or forbidden, passage out was…

from “Looking for (Mrs) Laura (Riding) Jackson, the anti-social people’s poet, from Jamaica (Queens) to Woodruff Avenue (Brooklyn), by Benjamin Hollander”

The paradox Riding came to after she renounced poetry was this: she realized how poets could learn that the public, too, were gifted with the powers…

Poetics’ bodies – Charles Olson and some poetry wars, 1913-1990, by Michael Boughn

Poetics’ bodies – some poetry wars, 1913-1990 When Donald Allen’s anthology, The New American Poetry, 1945-1960, hit the book stores in 1960, it…

Please, Somebody Help Me, by John Olson

I have to wait for the feeling of nausea to diminish to begin writing. Anything. Much less poetry.   Poetry? Was Adorno ultimately right? No…

The Poetics of Thinking, by George Quasha

Quasha_The Poetics of Thinking_ 2017 Dispatches

Jonathan Haynes and the Rise of Nollywood Studies, by Paul Ugor

Jonathan Haynes and the Invention of Nollywood Studies (2)

The Duncan/Watten Debat/cl/e – from Being Different: Strategies of Distinction and Twentieth-Century American Poetic Avant-Gardes, by Lilian Chiatas

For a recording of the entire event, go here.   Kap.6.2_CHAITAS   From the jacket: Pierre Bourdieu defines the literary field as a social…

On Consulting Being, by Charles Stein

Charles Stein - on consulting being

Permanent Revolution: The Value of Bitterness, by Joe Safdie

Be sure to check out Richard Nason's A Modern Dunciad. Book 1 Books 2 & 3 Book 4 and Epilogue Safdie -- Permanent Revolution (1)