A few lines from Cavafy, tr. Steven Manuel

Sight agalma. Eyes ecstatic dance in light undimmed Endymion.   We bring jasmine --Kama's tips-- live-again   old Eden. 

3 Poems

Steve Manuel - 3 Poems

Modern Love Songs, a review of Thomas Meyers

    Modern Love_ Songs review (with new corrections)

Dispatches Editor, Steve Manuel, interviewed by Jeff Davis

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Steve Manuel to Dispatches, 22 March 2018

Dear Dispatches – And quantity-- I definitely feel myself in that whole line of 'classical poets', down through Spenser and Harvey and so on and then…

Myth Is the Knot, by Steven Manuel

'Myth is the knot...'

3 Poems, by Steve Manuel

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9 poems, by Steve Manuel

Steve Manuel - 9 poems

3 Poems, by Steven Manuel

Steve Manuel - 4 poems