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The Narcissism of Minor Differences

Andrew Levy - The Narcissism of Minor Differences

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Andrew Levy -- SCRATCH SPACE

Andrew Levy to Dispatches, 14 October 2017

Dear Dispatches, Given the theme of Dispatch #28, I thought you might be interested in “Triumph of the Readymade: Damien Hirst in Venice”:…

Guest Dispatch, from Andrew Levy

At present our artists prefer borrowed vessels and feeble imitation of ready-made alien forms. If their way is not always a very reputable one, it is…

Snowden, by Andrew Levy

SNOWDEN essay.levy rev

The Evangelist foresees the End of Time, by Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy - The Evangelist Foresees the End of Time

The Day After

We are limited beings. We do not understand our own hearts. I do not comprehend the depth or the shallowness of my own heart. My heart feels…