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John Rigney to Dispatches [re: Moxley, Poetry, & Professors], 5 May 2018

Dear Dispatches: In her defense of the poet in the university, Jennifer Moxley inadvertently gives evidence against her own cause. Her use of…

2 Posters, by John Rigney (& Lew Welch)

lou welch broadside     flower with black

3 Poems, by John Rigney

3 poems -- John Rigney

The Cult of the Noble – contra Rebecca Watt and Holly McNish, by John Rigney

Rigney -The Cult of the Noble (3)   For further discussions of these issues, see also: Curses and verses: the spoken-word row splitting the…

John Rigney to Dispatches, 8 December 2017

Gentlemen: Why is it that those who have erased the self from poetry have done nothing to erase their own selfishness from the same? With love, John……

John Keats’ One Sentence Reviews

Keats One Sentence Reviews

Anselm Hollow Tribute Band, John Rigney

Rignry - Anselm Hollo Tribute Band final rev 2017

Theatre as memory, vis-à-vis George Quasha, by John Rigney

In part 2 (“Thinking Theatre Inside Out”) of his essay “The Poetics of Thinking,” George Quasha begins his discussion of the theatre by inviting us…

John Rigney reviews Kent Johnson’s Homage to the Pseudo Avant-Garde (link)

Homage to the Pseudo Avant-Garde "Throughout this book, Kent Johnson shows us that poetry does not stop. The poetasters of the past, and the critics…

poem, unlimited (poetry is dead), by John Rigney

John Rigney - poem unlimited

John Rigney to Dispatches, 14 May 2017

Dear Dispatches:   Thanks for the Duncan/Watten Zukofsky recording -- this seems to fit in very well with my own thoughts about legitimacy and…

John Rigney to Dispatches, 27 November 2016

Dear Dispatches: Perhaps it is my own perverse optimism, but your latest dispatch got me thinking about Prynne’s comments and Olson and Black…

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Rigney -- 2 poems