The Reluctant Assassin: Reviews and Reflections—The Muse

  It was mid-summer in Dubrovnik.  Giselle and I sat on the terrace of a restaurant overlooking the Adriatic.  The early full moon was…

The Reluctant Assassin — Dictionary of Dreams

  Etienne D'Abbatoir -- Dictionary of Dreams

The Reluctant Assassin: The Soap Slides

  Etienne D'Abbatoir -- The Soap Slides

The Reluctant Assassin: Drinking Célan’s Black Milk

  Etienne D'Abbatoir--Drinking Cělan's Black Milk

The Reluctant Assassin — Latinesque

Etienne D'Abattoir -- Latinesque

The Reluctant Assassin: Reviews and Reflections — Après nous, le déluge. 

Louis XV’s lover, Madame de Pompadour, said it best and most romantically.  And who could blame her, after all she did for architecture, the…

The Reluctant Assassin: Reviews and Reflections — The Barista

  Not long ago, I read a report, one of those meant to invoke alarm and despair, about the decline of the liberal arts in American…