Anne Waldman interviewed by Paul Nelson (2002)

          Anne Waldman took time to chat in April 2002, about her book Vow to Poetry: Essays, Interviews and Manifestos. In the…

At Mountain

Anne Waldman - At Mountain

Questions for Citizens, by Anne Waldman

Waldman -- questions for citizens Please note that Dispatches Editions and Spuyten Duyvil Press will be issuing a new edition of Ed Sanders'…

To a Young Poet (1978), by Anne Waldman

Waldman Young Poet003

Anne Waldman “Summoning Eclipse for Joanne Kyger”

Her whisper/her clarity/the emerald light of/ mind/  

The Fatalist, by Anne Waldman

The FatalistAW

Tears Streak, by Anne Waldman – from andrew whiteman, Adrienne Amato, and Sonic Poetry

logopoeia - Anne Waldman melopoeia - andrew whiteman phanopoeia - Adrienne Amato