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for Ben, by Patrick James Dunagan

Patrick Dunagan -- for Ben

Patrick Dunagan reviews A Curriculum of the Soul

"Many readers may feel the Institute’s endeavors and the Curriculum are products of an “in crowd” of the devoted. Yet the Curriculum does offer far…

Patrick James Dunagan to Dispatches — further on Maud, 21 June 2016

Dear Dispatches,   Your anecdote of first meeting Ralph Maud coinciding with Blaser's teaching Olson and Maud's powerful reaction to Olson's…

Patrick James Dunagan to Dispatches RE: Charles, Frances, Ralph, and me by Sharon Thesen

Dear Dispatches:   I was immediately enthused to see Thesen’s piece concerning the backstory of editing the Olson/Bolderoff correspondence with…

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Dunagan for dispatches