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The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, by Brian Ng

Marriage of Heaven and Hell (dispatches)

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Brian Ng to Dispatches and Lucas Klein, 17 August 2016

To the Editors of Dispatches Poetry and Lucas Klein 致《詩詞快訊》編輯及柯夏智先生 群怨以砥礪礱磨 漢辯西風美嫁禍 文弱書生傾莊遜 一啖志氣逝南柯 注釋: 群怨,出自論語《陽貨》:「小子!何莫學夫詩?詩,可以興,可以觀,可以 群,可以怨。」…

Brian Ng to Dispatches and Lucas Klein, 18 August 2016

“Why hasn’t Dispatches published the work of living Chinese writers whose stance it promotes, who either agree with the mission of Dispatches or who…

Brian Ng to Dispatches, 30 October 2016

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: "MAKE POETRY GREAT AGAIN: POETS FOR TRUMP," AN ANTHOLOGY. Trump brings high romanticism back into our stale, bureaucratic,…