David Baptiste Chirot to Dispatches, 23 June 2019 [on James Liddy]

Dear Dispatches: The remark re James as "Miss Liddy" in a Facebook comment on your Liddy feature reminded me of an almost identical remark made in…

On Milwaukee’s James Liddy

“Following up on Kent’s excellent account of the Chapson/Liddy scene in Milwaukee during the 1980s, I’ve been asked by the editors of Dispatches to…

16 poems

Sixteen Poems by James Liddy

Some Key Books for Dispatches


POEMS for Dispatches

from Rock Tao


from Rabbi Dream Book

from RABBI DREAM BOOK for Dispatches

POBIZ Stock Index Update, 4 June 2019: Po-markets rattled by first verified death from overproduction of bad, self-involved poetry

Creative Writing stocks fall sharply on news of first verified death from overproduction of bad, self-involved poetry — Po-experts predict a…

A Message to Our Readers and Contributors

Dear Friends, Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is declaring a moratorium, as of this message, on all submissions until further notice. Please do not…

Michael Boughn to the Dispatches Executive Editors, Following His Trip to California

I have to say that apart from Bird and Beckett Books, which felt like a very tiny oasis in the midst of a vast desert (like The_Lost_Patrol), San…

Microfictions from a Chronicle of the Octopodes


3 Poems

3 poems by Gaia Thomas

On Cancel Culture and Frank Sherlock

"Shortly after it was revealed that thirty years ago the poet Frank Sherlock had played in a white supremacist punk band, Camille Rankine posted a…

Clinging to the Light

DePierola--Clinging to the LightClinging to the Light

Frontera INC

Martin Camps - Frontera, INC translationFrontera

Anarchy Chiapas: A Lost Play by B. Traven

Rick Mitchell—Anarchy Chiapas

Emily Post-Avant, on Frank Sherlock’s Skinhead Past and the New Po-Police Zombies, May 1, 2019

  Dear Emily Post-Avant, Me and my friends in the program here at Temple were wondering what your “position” is on Frank Sherlock having been…

3 Poems

Robert Hogg - 3 Poems