Emily Post-Avant: Réponse à La Flâneuse, Regarding the Anxiety Caused to Many by the Term “Poetry Wars,” 10/17/2018

Dear Emily Post-Avant, As much as I think that the new Dispatches home page—warrior donkey + poets in gas masks—is a charming improvement that well…

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Dispatch #40 – Mythtory, complexity, & the Carlson-Wee/Nation affair

Myth is often presented as some long gone mode of fantasizing explanations for the inexplicable and dismissed as meaningless, especially when…

A Review of An Open Map: The Correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson

  (Peter Anastas and Vincent Ferrini at Charles Olson’s apartment, 28 Fort Square, Gloucester, January 1970; photograph by Charles Lowe, Gloucester…

Despatj Expurtamentalus Frum Bubbalin’ Dabalern Tewn

By Kolden Karkrashium No, the Irish were slaves. We are the world's most oppressed race of victims in the history of humanity to have ever been…

Dispatches Fall 2018 Update

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is back after a somnolent summer of whimsy and digressive delight. We swam and fished, wrote poetry and stared…

Three photos of Robert Creeley and others, Waldoboro Maine, c. 1990

Front: Susan Howe, Robert Creeley, Michael Boughn Back Row: Hannah Creeley, William Creeley Hannah…

Emily Post-Avant, 4 October 2018 [On the Nation and Aldon Nielsen]

Dear Emily Post-Avant, Did you see the gentle criticism of your piece on the Nation/Anders Carson-Wee scandal, by Aldon Nielsen, in Plume?…

Dispatches Fall Update contents

Poetry Andres Ajens— Elogio a Jessica Sequeira Ammiel Alcalay – Democracy in Action Omar al-Nakib –  Elahi Sure The Blunt Research Group—Good Night…

Poetry as Politics III

Freind -- Poetry as Politics III - 3

Omar Al-Nakib to Dispatches, 18 August 2018

Dear Dispatches, Negative on the rain, and how I wish otherwise. Kuwait during summer goes head-to-head with Death Valley as hottest place on earth.…

White Mischief Redux, by Aldon Nielsen (link)


“Imaginary Iconology” – a Tarot methodology

A method of reading the Tarot de Marseille deck has been developed by Enrique Enriquez, an artist originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but…


Filmmaker Russell Richardson notes: "The arabic script / Persian sufi quotation beneath the opening title is by Rumi and means (approximately) ‘We…

Avatars of the Muse

Goldfarb -- Avatars of the Muse

Democracy in Action

After all this high drama it’s quite a relief to see that the lifers & the choicers can all agree on one principle: the absolute necessity of…