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Anthony Seidman - 5 Poems

Poetry is a Movements of Thought in a Visual Field — Runa Bandyopadhyay in conversation with Murat Nemet-Nejat [link]


Omar Al-Nakib to Dispatches

Hey Dispatches, Sorry for taking so long to respond—the past two weeks have been the funerals of distant great aunts and the weddings of first…

2 Poems

Burbank -- 2 pieces

Michael Mott, Poet

Michael Mott, Poet Michael Mott was one of my dear teachers. I knew him well, in Bowling Green, Ohio, during the later 1980s, and spent memorable…

Dedicated to Sean Bonney

  Clive Gresswell - dedicated to sean bonney  

Emily Post-Avant, On Language Poets as Hired Judges for the Official Poetry Prize System, 1/14/2020

  Dear Emily Post-Avant, I know Dispatches once described The Yale Younger Poets Award as "the oldest national award in the United States,…

The Pensive Man 2020 Calendar [link]

A Note about Being on Time The Pensive Man calendar is, as it has to be, all about Time. And it is, though it need not be, a critique of Space. The…

We Will We Will Bomb You

Joe Napora -- We Will We Will Bomb You 2

The Reluctant Assassin: The Soap Slides

  Etienne D'Abbatoir -- The Soap Slides

“Pantoum of Endless War”

Elliott Colla -- Pantoum of the Endless War

Paul Nelson interviews Red Pine (Bill Porter) [link]

Paul Nelson interviews Red Pine (Bill Porter)    

Paul Nelson interviews Beat nun Mary Norbert Korte [link]

  Paul Nelson interviews Beat nun Mary Norbert Korte

Remembering Abbie Hoffman [link]

"Abbie Hoffman (1936-1989) was one of the most well-known and influential American activists of the late 2"}}0th century. He dedicated his life to…

A War Symphony

https://youtu.be/jZjj5y-7e9Q “In their forward march we notice that among the now dispersed ranks are individuals reduced to 乒 [pīng], and 乓 [pāng],…

Three interviews with George Bowering by Paul Nelson [links]

Three interviews with George Bowering by Paul Nelson George Bowering – My Darling Nellie Grey George Bowering 2005 Interview Two Georges: A talk…

John Phillips to Dispatches—Letter from Slovenia

ROADS... 3rd December 2019 Dear Dispatches, I've been slack in replying to your last three messages. Been trying to catch up with myself since…

Q.R. Hand benefit

Go Fund Me link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/a-helping-hand-for-q-r-hand

Peter Anastas, 1937-2019

Didpastches mourns the loss of our friend, the writer, Peter Anastas who passed on December 27, 2019. For an account of Peter's life, here is a link…

2 Poems

Runa Bandyopadhyay -- 2 poems

A Note to Ellis

Brian Richards - A Note to Ellis

A Carlos Martínez Rivas Suite, Anthony Seidman tr.


Dispatch #46: On phony victimhood and the attempt to suppress debate

If anyone needed proof that Barrett Watten doesn’t get it, all they’d have to do would be to read the self-serving screed currently posted on his…

The Reluctant Assassin: Drinking Célan’s Black Milk

  Etienne D'Abbatoir--Drinking Cělan's Black Milk