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Fun with der Alt Right: Updated, by Steven Augustine (link)

"It happens not infrequently that I’ll casually pop over to a progressive site,  to read an article and express an opinion,  and suddenly find myself…

Imago Mundi: A Special Feature on José Kozer (with a new poem, special to Dispatches, translated and introduced by Peter Boyle, and with an interview conducted by Paul Nelson)

José Kozer will be reading as part of a distinguished lineup at the Cascadia Poetry Festival Anacortes 2019: A Tribute to Sam Hamill   Jose…

The Terror of the Poet David Shapiro in conversation with Kent Johnson [link]

"No, I know nobody, I am nobody, I know nothing, and feel closest to the “Que sais-je?” motto . In Jewish law, if one doesn’t know, you are required…

Maps 2019


Before & After

MTC Cronin - Before & After

This Morning

Boyd Nielson - THIS MORNING

Dearest Perusers of Poetry Wars & their Dispatches:

So what shall we, in this strange topsy winter, say? That froze in these vortices Dispatches still doth increase day by day? Aye, the days of Trump…

Contents, Dispatches Winter 2018/19 release

Dispatches — Winter 2018/2019 Release   Poetry James Berger—Threnody for the Death at the Borders Stephen Bett – 3 poems Eliot Cardinaux –……

An Unlikely Christmas Poem After Niedecker

Mark DuCharme_An Unlikely Christmas Poem

8 Poems

Daniel Zimmerman - 8 Poems

The Lovers


Doom Brunch

[click for the virtual book]     Peterson - Doom Brunch

Elegies Advance

[click for the virtual book]   Boyd Nielson - ELEGIES ADVANCE 1  

The Viewpoint Is Presumption

[click for the virtual book]     Schultz Presumption

from At the Musarium

[click for the virtual book]     Grieco Muserium

from Vampire Girl

Johnny Payne - from Vampire Girl

Some photos from the archive of Robert Hogg

John Wieners, John Temple & Robert Hogg at Detroit Artist’s Workshop, Summer 1967. Poets…

Some Assembly Required – a review of Bil Berkson’s “Memoir in Pieces” [link]

"When talking about Bill Berkson certain assumptions must be addressed.  That he was a quintessential New Yorker who had escaped to California and…

6 Poems

Kalet - 6 poems

Paper | Dresses

[click for the virtual book]     Billie Chernicoff - Paper_Dresses

Smile Series

Corey Wakeling - Smile Series

Some of the Realms

James Cook--Some of The Realms30