The Lockout, by Lewis Warsh

Lewis Warsh The Lockout

Because of Poetry, by Kent Johnson

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Welcome to the June 2018 Update of Dispatches from the Poetry Wars

On April 1, the start of National Poetry Month, which, as we pointed out at the time, also happens to be the national day for celebrating lies,…

Trump Triptych, by Robert Gibbons

Robert Gibbons - Trump Triptych

tec knowledge, by Roberto Harrison

Harrison - tec knowledge opt

8 Poems, by Joel Newberger

Joel Newberger 8 poems

3 Poems, by Shira Dentz

Shira Dentz - 3 poems

2 Poems, by Lila Dunlap

Lila Dunlop - 2 Poems

5 Poems, by Maria Stradnicka

Maria Stadnicka - 5 poems

A Personal Response to a Purloined Audio and the Aura around It, by Murat Nemet-Nejat

I have just read the entirety of the exchanges between Barrett and other poets, particularly Nate, totally absorbed and bemused. Read in one go, a…

Ava Koohbor

I used to write my poems only in Farsi. After a couple years living in San Francisco I started to write poems in English, and translating those…

2 Poems, by Rodolfo Hinostroza – Anthony Seidman, tr.

Some Thoughts On Rodolfo Hinostroza   Rodolfo Hinostroza (Peru, 1941-2016) is one of Latin America’s most celebrated poets from the 20th…

Crowds of Address, by Mark DuCharme

MDuCharme_Crowds of Address_4Dispatches

The Invisible Reality of the Muses, by Joe Safdie

[Best viewed when downloaded] Safdie complete 2 red    

for Ben, by Patrick James Dunagan

Patrick Dunagan -- for Ben

Dark as a Dungeon — text & images

often it has hit me over the years when various French philosophers write abt how great the various states of madness addiction etc are they are…

2 Poems, by John Bradley

John Bradley - 2 poems

OBU Manifesto # 50: A, B, & C

OBU Manifesto # 50: A, B, & C A. It happens. It will happen. It’s happened. There will be conflicts and acrimony between people with different…

Sonnet Workshop, by Ted Berrigan

ted-berrigan sonnet workshop

from Postdata, by Jonathan Mulcahy

Jonathan Mulcahy -- from Postdata

5 Poems, by Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson - 5 Poems

8 Poems, by Anthony Seidman

Seidman_ 8 poems

7 Poems, by Kelly Shepherd

Kelly Shepherd 7 poems (1)