8 rubBEings, by David Baptiste Chirot

[These images are best viewed when downloaded]   ASEMIC rubBEing superimposed top to bottom

Emily Post-Avant, 30 March 2018 (Pablo Neruda and the Paris Review)

Dear Emily Post-Avant, I just read a post on the Paris Review Daily about Pablo Neruda, by someone named Mark Eisner.…

Unstructions for lingerpith (a Hinge Application), by Jonathan Mulcahy (w/a note by Heller Levinson)

Untitled red This "hinge application" is hinged to "In the pith of hover", by Mary Newell   levinson - linger (2)

4 Poems, by Maureen Owen

4 Poems by Maureen Owen

2 Posters, by John Rigney (& Lew Welch)

lou welch broadside     flower with black

Ménage à trois: Chile, Bolivia y el mar (Perú), by Andrés Ajens (link)

Para los niños y niñas de Chile, la Guerra del Pacífico, en tanto figura, es la figura de una víctima-chilena, cuando toda la evidencia histórica…

from Growing Dumb: My English Education, by Peter Quartermain

Growing Dumb: My English Education is a lengthy memoir, still under construction, of my childhood from about 1938 through about 1948 or 49, the…

Dispatches Editor, Steve Manuel, interviewed by Jeff Davis


Steve Manuel to Dispatches, 22 March 2018

Dear Dispatches – And quantity-- I definitely feel myself in that whole line of 'classical poets', down through Spenser and Harvey and so on and then…

4 Poems, by Yannis Livadas (Greece)

Moulay Abdelaziz Square Native language the stupefaction towards afterlife. An antique in the most ridiculous auction claimed in turn by time and…

from Sites of Contemporary Meat, by Sacha Archer

[name redacted] is an American now living in Taiwan. His work has previously appeared in [name redacted] as well as several publications both print…

El Papel del Trabajo, by Breyner Huertas (Colombia)

[Note to Dispatches readers: The poem, composed of a series of transformations from the title of an essay by F. Engels, can be easily translated with…

Scorch Marks, by Jon Curley

Jon Curly - Scorch Marks 2

City / Unsheltered, by m.g. stephens

mg stephens -UNSHELTERED

Microreviews, Vol. 5, by Justice Poeticus

Microreviews, Vol. 5 Bullets into Bells: Poets & Citizens Respond to Gun Violence Ed. Brian Clements, Alexandra Teague, and Dean Rader Beacon…

4 Letters from John Wieners to Larry Eigner

These letters were cut from the final manuscript of John Wieners' selected correspondence, For the Voices, but they remain, Editor Seth Stewart says,…

Everything I Do I Do Good – TrumPoems, by Joshua Weiner

[click for the virtual book]   Weiner6

2 Poems, by Clive Greswell

Greswell = 2 poems

4 Poems, by Rus Khomutoff

Rus Khomutoff - 4 Poems