Dispatch #32 — “Negativity” & the Book Review

As any reasonably attentive reader of this site knows, Dispatches is all about confronting the deepening climate of cautious politeness, careerist…

Getting Out of the Western Box: Dennis Tedlock’s The Olson Codex, by Ammiel Alcalay (link)

“Like almost everything else of the period, decoding the Mayan language was also part of the Cold War struggle, something Olson instinctively knew…

Trumpet of the Digital Apocalypse, by André Spears

spears - trumpet of the digital apocalypse

I Am Writing a Biography, by Miriam Nichols (link)

A terrific essay by Miriam Nichols on her Robin Blaser biography, Performing the Real, at Itinéraires "For those readers who might not know us, I…

Emily Post-Avant, 19 February 2018

Emily Post-Avant: Letters to Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, by Poets Seeking Help, Always Diligently Answered by Our Exclusive Columnist of Poetry…

5 Poems, by Tony Trigilio

Trigilio--5 poems

Ergo Erdogan, by David Levi Strauss

What happened outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington this week was my kind of “brawl.” That’s what the stupid Fake News kept…

OBU Manifestos #47 & #99

OBU Manifesto #47 Obu is losing its focus. That complicated clarity it claimed as its claim, that seemed (but only seemed) to be going nowhere--turns…

OBU Manifesto # 433

OBU says, shut it down. Is Donald Trump the ostensible head of the government, the Chief Executive? The Commander in Chief? Then there should not be…

An Afternoon of Tottering Clouds, by Gerrit Lansing

This was the last poem Gerrit completed. Thanks to The Doris, where it first appeared, for permission to reprint it. Lansing - An Afternoon of…

from Alone with the Animals, by Steve McCaffery


The Sun over Fire Island, by mg stephens

mg stephens - The Sun over Fire Island

Cuatro poemas sobre el borde del mundo, by Andrés Felipe Uribe Cárdenas (Colombia)

For the maximal reading experience, please download this by clicking the arrow below. 4 poemas sobre el borde del mundo

Another new anthology responds to Trump’s America (link)


Gerrit Lansing, February 5, 1928-February 11, 2018

  The Heavenly Tree Grows Downward Who bury the dead must from the grave establish a habit   Who bury the dead lead forth the bride…

Confessional of the Haunted, by Tom Clark

Tom Clark - Confessional of the Haunted