The Anxiety of Poetry – Interpreting the Jill Bialosky Scandal, by Sarah V. Schweig (link)

Xi Penn to Dispatches, 26 November 2017

尊敬的Kent Johnson, Michael Boughn: 余見聞絀作《與張強一起俯瞰張岭大潮》英譯刊登於貴 雜誌《詩詞急件》,特意附上原文便作參考。       敬祝 鈞安 詩人  彭玺敬上 二零一七年十一月二十六日 ** 與張強一起俯瞰張岭大潮…

Anne Waldman “Summoning Eclipse for Joanne Kyger”

Her whisper/her clarity/the emerald light of/ mind/  

Special China Dispatch – Report from Wuhan, by Aldon Nielsen

“Was this book banned in the United States?” That had not been the first question I anticipated from my graduate students at Central China Normal…

New from Chicago Review

FIELDWORKS plus PRINT ARTS, POETICS & DIGITAL CULTURE  Chicago Review 60:4/61:1 Chicago, IL – November 21, 2017 – The new issue of Chicago…

Welcome to Dispatches’ New Contributing Editors

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is pleased to announce that five new very fine poets and scholars have recently joined our Board of Contributing…

Trump’s New Health Czar Nominee: from PoFo, Inc. to Trump Tower

Trump's New Health Czar Nominee: from PoFo, Inc. to Trump Tower (When You Take the Poetry Foundation's Money, Poets, Pay…

No Single Kind of Discourse Will Be Believable by Itself: an Interview with Dispatches Contributor, Susan Gevirtz (link)

Cynicism Never Ceases at the $$$Poetry Foundation: Commodifying and Curating the Resistance from their $22,000,000 Palace

“Signs of Resistance,” an exhibit of protest signs and banners by Chicago poets and artists, opened in the $22 million galleries of the Poetry…


“As writers, artists, and supporters of PEN America, we write to express our concern over the continued detention of poet Liu Xia. We ask you to…

Special Dispatch – Ed Sanders on the NYC Memorial for Joanne Kyger, 6 November 2017

Last night’s memorial reading for Joanne Kyger at the Poetry Project was very well done.  She is much loved and missed by a wide variety of people,…

Francine Prose on Literature, identity, and the death of the Imagination . . . (link)

"What’s distressing is the frequency—and the unexamined authority—with which the words “experience” and “lived experience” define who is qualified to…

The Community of the Curriculum of the Soul, by Kevin Kilroy

Kilroy The Community of The Curriculum of the Soul

Afterwards, by Kass Fleisher

Kass Fleisher Afterwards red

3 Poems, by George Kalamaras

Kalamaras -- Three poems

10 Poems, by John Phillips

John Phillips -- Ten Poems

Joanne, by Joe Safdie


6 Mating Bird Poems, by Emily Izsak

Izsak bird poems rev