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It’s Been So Beautiful

"It’s Been So Beautiful": Tracy K. Smith, on her first trip abroad as U.S. Poet Laureate. Where? Why, to the favorite destination of trend-setting,…

200th anniversary of John Keats’s penning of his formulation of “negative capability”

Dear Poets and Scholars, I write to invite you participate in an online event celebrating negative capability’s bicentennial. This December marks the…

From our Literature Is Weird Department

Literature is weird: An interview with Jorge Luis Borges, which begins with the great writer praising the neo-fascist Argentinian dictators…

New book by Lewis Warsh

We urge Dispatches readers to seek out this new and important book from Dispatches contributor Lewis Warsh, published by the venerable Station Hill…

Dispatch #28 – To Whom Does Poetry Belong

    –  for Ben Hollander, in Eternity The question of who owns poetry is in the air these days, like the fragrance of manure on your…

PJ Laska to Dispatches, 14 October 2017

Greetings Dispatches, I offer this poem as an example of the proper way to plagiarize: Best wishes, P.J Laska   THE FALL OF AMERICA There…

Andrew Levy to Dispatches, 14 October 2017

Dear Dispatches, Given the theme of Dispatch #28, I thought you might be interested in “Triumph of the Readymade: Damien Hirst in Venice”:…

Linda Rogers to Dispatches, 13 October 2017

Dear Dispatches - The guy who plagiarized Angelou had dementia. No prior. So maybe we can let that go. I regard myself as a channel. If someone likes…

One-Sentence Reviews (2), by the William Hazlitt Brigade

[This week, our invited guest writers for the One-Sentence Review Series are the anonymous members of the William Hazlitt Brigade, a clandestine cell…

Daniel Zimmerman to Dispatches, 13 October 2017

Zimmerman - Mr Blakes skin (1)

Dispatch #28 – To Whom Does Poetry Belong

Part of the problem is with the contemporary use of the word poet. In today’s technocratic statist theo-economic order (Hosannas to the Invisible…

The One-Sentence Poetry Reviews, by Comrade Obama

An ongoing project for Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, ten reviews per installment, twenty installments until completion 1] The OBU Manifestos, by…

6 drawings/glyphs, by Edward Sanders

On the occasion of his and Miriam's visit to Gloucester to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!  

Gene Tanta’s “Face to Face”, by Matthias Regan

See Gene Tanta's paintings HERE   In Gene Tanta’s show, “Face to Face,” at the Athenna Lloyd Gallery / Madden Arts Center, on Decatur, Illinois,…

For My 11 Year old Niece on Inauguration Day (2017), by Chris Stroffolino

Stroffolino - For My 11 Year Old Niece On Inauguration Day

2 poems, by Richard Rathwell

Rathwell - 2 poems

6 poems, by Tina Posner

Posner - 6 poems

Drumming, by Susan Lewis

Lewis.Drumming.for Dispatches

Pollen Aria, by Clayton Eshleman

Eshleman - POLLEN ARIA

from Rich and Poor: the Single, by Jacob Wren and Andrew Whiteman

Given both the plethora of audio available to the browser & the now easy process of sculpting any potential sound out of any other potential…

Conclusion of Tension in Construct Field of Object of Recognition Like 3/3 Dead, by Uncle Dave

Conclusion of Tension in Construct Field of Object of Recognition Like 3/3 Dead, by Uncle Dave