Tramping the Bulsrushes, by John Clarke

Dispatches Editions is pleased to announce the publication of Tramping the Bulrushes, writing by John Clarke – Edited and with a preface by Michael…

Emily Post-Avant, 6 September 2017

[Emily invites people to submit letters to her and she will be happy to answer them.] 6 September 2017 Dear Emily Post-Avant: I've been invited to…

Three poems, by Michael Rothenberg

Rothenberg - You're broke

Protestant Mean Streak, by Edward Sanders

Sanders - Protestant Mean Streak

Four poems, by Anne Valley-Fox

Valley-Fox four poems

Five poems, by Behzad Molavi

Behzad Molavi -- Five poems

Two poems, by Bruce Holsapple

Bruce Holsapple -- Two poems

Two poems, by Charles Stein

Charles Stein -- 12 Jack The Giant Killer (The End of The World) rev

PG, by I Goldfarb

Gans poems

Thomas McGrath

[2016 is the 100-year anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary poet Thomas McGrath.]  

This is Just to Say – for David Lehman

This is Just to Say – for David Lehman   I have written that the Best  American Poetry is a crass money- making institution one that reproduces…

Dispatches to André Spears, 4 September 2017 – on idiotic taxonomies of writing

André Several years ago when I was invited to give a reading in Rochester, I was advised to join Poets & Writers for tactical reasons. The name…

André Spears to Dispatches, 4 September 2017 — on idiotic taxonomies of writing

Dear Dispatches: A well-known poet of my acquaintance made the astounding remark that, as a poet, he had no interest in reading Proust, because…

Dispatches Honors the Life and Contributions of the Great John Ashbery.

The End of Summer, by Sophie Merman

The End of Summer                                  for Ned Rorem the end of summer is a bummer              …

Charles Olson’s reading for the Creeleys (early 1960s), from Larry Goodell

Check out Larry's site at: Charles Olson's Reading for the Creeleys by…

Five poems by William Logan

Logan--Dispatches--September 2016 rev

Homage to J.H. Prynne

Homage to J.H. Prynne, new scolder of naïve, deceived poets (mainly American ones, like Charles Olson), who fall prey, in his words, to "crackpot"…

Ron Silliman to Dispatches, 1 September 2016

  Wait until VIDA gets a load of those numbers.

Marjorie Perloff, Avant-Garde Poetics, and The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, by Kent Johnson

[The following essay appeared in Chicago Review, in early 2013. Shortly after its appearance, many other protests against the racialist bias of the…

The Ashbery mystery continues

  The Ashbery mystery continues. Received on September 28. This time with a signature. Is it an original typescript of the famous poem? Or is it…