The poetics of stateless democracy, by Brooks Johnson

The poetics of stateless democracy: A Review of To Dare Imagining: Rojava Revolution (NY: Autonomedia, 2016. 160 pp. ISBN: 9781570273124)   The…

Reading Nelly Arcan, by Robert Buckeye

Bob Buckeye -- Arcan

Thomas McGrath

     [2016 is the 100-year anniversary of the birth of the great revolutionary poet Thomas McGrath.]

A Modest Proposal

In face of the ongoing refusal of China-touring “avant-garde” poetry faculty at Penn to stand up against the Chinese regime’s suppressions of basic…

Happy 103rd birthday to Nicanor Parra

On the morning of September 5th, 2017, Micelle Bachelet, President of Chile, sent out the following twitter message:   "There is no more magnificent…

The Open Map: Letters The Correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson.

A Modern Dunciad, Book 4 & Epilogue, by Richard Nason

A Modern Dunciad Book 1, introduced by Joe Safdie A Modern Dunciad Books 2&3 See also "Permanent Revolution: The Value of Bitterness," Joe Safdie…

What is philosophy? – after Agamben’s Grado seminar on the ontology of voice, by Oliver Cusimano

WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY? -- In amusement of the forthcoming English translation of Giorgio Agamben’s book, Che cos'è la filosofia? (What is Philosophy?).…

Shiva, by Omar Al-Nakib

Al-Nakib - SHIVA

Gone South, by Barry McKinnon

Gone South. for dispatches

“the impatience growing into fear”, by Jay Miller

Jay Miller for Andrés Ajens

Two poems, by Lisa Samuels

Lisa Simon -- 2 poems

Three Poems, by Matt Turner

Matt Turner -- THree poemsf

from Animals of Dawn, by Murat Nemet-Nejat

Murat -- from Animals of Dawn - Sent to Dispatches

Four poems, by Noel Jardines

Noel Gardens --Four poems

Click, by Peter Smith

Peter Smith - Click_

Four poems, by Tina Posner

Posner -- poems

Daybreak, by Robert Fernandez

Rober Fernandez - Daybreak

English, by Robin Eichele

Robin Eichele - English