Dispatch #18 – avant-garde support for Chinese state repression of writers and artists

In case anyone was wondering why LangPo and satellite folks don't speak out on behalf of imprisoned writers and artists in China, check out this…

Dispatch #19 – two important links from Ammiel Alcalay

Here are two important links that i’d love to see at Dispatches - one about the Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh, sentenced to 8 years & 800 lashes…

Dispatch #20 – Unfree poetry for brave Marxists

Last April, as one of the contributors to Harriet’s National Poetry Month blog feature, Joshua Clover, widely known as a “communist” poet, ended his…

Anthologies’ Diasporas, by Sharon Thesen

anthologies' diasporas _ dispatches _ Thesen

Multiple Choice Questions, by Zhou Sivan

Nic Wong Multiple-choice questions_Zhou Sivan 2

The Elite, by Sophie Merman


Grey Owl, by Brian Dedora

GREY OWL You’d leave 3607 Mara to walk down behind the big elementary school with the dome on top where you’d file up from class to watch Grey Owl…

A Codebook for Frances Boldereff, by Sharon Thesen

A CODEBOOK FOR FRANCES BOLDEREFF Sharon Thesen “…how goddamn unhappy do we get before we start to wake up?” —FB Frances Boldereff is known by…

Emily Post-Avant, 13 September 2017

[Emily invites you to send her a letter. She will answer it, no matter how stupid your questions might be. Send to poetrywardispatch@gmail.com]…

Williams, Zukofsky, and the verse line, by Bruce Holsapple

Holsapple -- Williams, Zukofsky, and the Verse Line 1

An Essay on Francis Bacon: the Cheshire Cat, by Murat Nemat-Nejat

In the 17th century, Francis Bacon said: "Knowledge is power." By knowledge he meant the new empirical knowledge against the "idols of the tribe,"…

Snowden, by Andrew Levy

SNOWDEN essay.levy rev

Olson, Empire, and the thinking of America, by Michael Boughn

Olson, Empire, and the thinking of America times

Postmodernism and politics, by Tyrone Williams

Trone Williams -- Postmodernism and Politics

Reading Adrienne Rich on the Greyhound Bus By Philip Metres

Metres -- Adrienne Rich on the Greyhound Bus

“A quick disguise”: Ferlinghetti’s faux translations, by John Bradley

John Bradley -- Ferlinghetti'sFauxTrans (1)