A Modern Dunciad, by Richard Nason, introduced by Joe Safdie

A Modern Dunciad Books 2 & 3 A Modern Dunciad Book 4 & Epilogue See also “Permanent Revolution: The Value of Bitterness,” Joe Safdie on Nason…

Emily Post-Avant, 25 September 2017

Dear Emily Post-Avant, Could you tell me what happened to Flarf? It was all the rage just a few short years ago and then it just disappeared. I mean,…

Author biographies, by Eric Gelsinger

Bios for Issue 3

My name is Kathrada, Will Alexander

My name is Kathrada by Will Alexander

Ravenseye, by Andrew Joron

Andrew Joron - Ravenseye

Alien Laced, by Kevin Kilroy

Alien Laced by Kevin Kilroy

It Lurks at the Threshold, by Kevin Kilroy

It Lurks at the Threshold by Kevin Kilroy

Three Shorts, by Jefferson Navicky

Three Shorts by Jefferson Navicky

Author Biographies

Author Biographies

Bad Appearance, by Zachary Keebaugh

Bad Appearance by Zachary Keebaugh

Funny Stories by Dick Oakes Jr., by Devon Fick

Funny Stories by Dick Oakes Jr. by Devon Fick

Two pieces, by Laynie Browne

Laynie Browne two pieces

Introduction: Poet’s fiction, by Eric Gelsinger

Poets Fiction Introduction by Eric Gelsinger

Conan the barbarian priest poet, by Damian Weber

Conan Part 1 by Damian Weber

Two works, by Miriam Atkin

Two Works by Miriam Atkin

The Life Outside, by Carlos Vásconez

The Life Outside by Carlos Vásconez

Colors, by Kyle Proehl


The Death of Martin Presser, by H.D.

HD - Martin Presser

A Review of Bruce Holsapple’s The Birth of the Imagination: William Carlos Williams on Form, by Michael Boughn (link)

http://www.raintaxi.com/the-birth-of-the-imagination-william-carlos-williams-on-form/ Read "Williams, Zukofsky, and the Verse LIne," a chapter from…

“From the Car” by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

“We’re trapped in a car someone else is driving.” Read the poem here

From the Car, by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

DuPlesis - From the Car

PoBiz Stock Index Update, 18 September 2017 – Markets spike on news of Smith POTUS

Stocks in U.S. Treasury-backed Poetry shares have spiked in past few days on news that Tracy K. Smith has been appointed the new U.S. Poet Laureate.…

Emily Post-Avant, 19 September 2017

Dear Emily Post-Avant: You and your bosses at Dispatches would benefit from more engaged, critical, supportive conversation. Instead of tearing down…