Pranab K Chakraborty to Dispatches, 26 July 2017

Dear Dispatches: No window there open to make any comment, so I put my gratitude here to Runa Bandyopadhyay who has tried to expose her poetic…

6 poems, by Bryan Sentes

Bryan Sentes Six Poems

The Eschaton: Resurrection of the Body (to clear N.O. Brown), by John Clarke

    From Tramping the Bulrushes    John Clarke - The Eschaton

Video, by Norman Finklestein

Finklestein - Video rev1

Jonathan Haynes and the Rise of Nollywood Studies, by Paul Ugor

Jonathan Haynes and the Invention of Nollywood Studies (2)

Tribute to Juliana Spahr, by andrew whiteman

Liu Xiaobo has died

The writer, critic, poet, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo died on July 13, 2017, after six and a half years in a Chinese prison. His crime…

4 Poems, by Bruce Robinson

Bruce Robinson - 4 Poems

Objectivist Michigan Poetry Conference 1973, introduction by Steel Wagstaff

In June 1973, Robert Vas Dias organized the second of three biennial National Poetry Festivals in Allendale, Michigan, where he was serving as the…

3 Poems, by Daniel Zimmerman

Zimmerman - 3 poems

3 poems from The City of No Illusions, by Ed Taylor

Ed Taylor - 3 poems from the City of No Illusions

3 Poems for Dispatches, by Ken Taylor

3 for Dispatches (2)

Dining on Porcupine, by Brad Shubat

Brad Shubat, Dining on Porcupine

5 Poems, by Brian Richards

Brian Richards 2

4 Poems, by Lisa Vihos

Lisa Vihos - 4 poems

Inauguration 2017, by Irene Sipos

Sipos -- Inauguaration 2017 REV

Ship of Fools 2, by André Spears

Note: Ship of Fools 1, which combines earlier pieces originally published in House Organ, was recently republished in the Spring 2017 issue of…

5 Poems, by Eileen Tabios

Tabios Five Poems for Dispatches