Tom Raworth to Dispatches, 26 April 2016

Thanks, Dispatches...... I check in and check out like a Chechen in China. As ever,  best,  Tom

Office Dispatch #1 – “What are you doing?”

   –  for Joanne As the official end of Poetry Month draws closer, so too does the first month anniversary of Dispatches from the Poetry Wars.…

Robert Creeley’s Anger, by Michael Boughn

Robert Creeley's anger final

The Sandbox, by Austin Smith

Austin Smith Sandbox

Five poems, by Patrick Dunagan

Dunagan for dispatches

In Memoriam: Tom Raworth, by Keith Tuma

There were a lot of memorials on Tom Raworth’s blog in his last months, news of the deaths of friends and acquaintances he’d known forever: Ken…

Judith Copithorne’s See lex ions (Issue 62 of Xerolage (2015), by Peter Quartermain

Not all of these strongly feminist works has a title – some do, along with a date, tucked away in tiny print. They aren’t quite arranged in…

That particular village


Killed or Mauled? by Linh Dinh

Killed or Mauled

Diaspora Drift, by Fred Wah

Diaspora Drift 12.10.3

Two poems, by Jack Hirschman

Hirschman - I FEEL THE BERN

The Daimonic, by David Peter Clark

David Peter Clark - 17 - The Daimonic

Gatekeeper Consultation #1

Gatekeeper Consultation #1